Peace on Earth

Imagine Possibility!

An experimental approach to Peace on Earth


Null Statement

Peace on Earth is not achieved by focused action rooted in shared belief.

Argument I

Homo Sapiens do not believe in Peace on Earth at scale.

Argument II

Homo Sapiens are not willing to compromise and sacrifice to realize meaningful progress toward Peace on Earth by 2072.

Argument III

Homo Sapien civilization is frozen by useless complication and complexity making simplification to realize Peace on Earth in a 22nd Century impossible.

Argument IV

Homo Sapiens prefer excuses manifest from complexity and comfort compared to creativity, accountability, and responsibility.

Argument V

Homo Sapiens knowingly neglect behavior, diet, and shared values training to maintain antiquated power structures, economic models and other lousy abstractions – forcing future generations to continue incurring costs of unsustainable Blindness and consumption.

Argument VI

Vanity, Greed, and Gluttony are pervasive and ubiquitous to a modern Homo Sapien condition. All three can be unlearned in 50 years at scale in the presence of sustained Peace on Earth paired with shared Vision.

Argument VII

All Homo Sapien Religions, including Science, are ONE. Beauty and Hope move Mountains.


Can we be better for our future families here and now?

First Project

536 AD ± 500 years on Earth


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Key Results


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